Dinner with Colleagues

Had a hilarious time with colleagues over delicious home-cooked dinner and large servings of ice-cream few weeks back. It was great chatting, playing silly games and sharing about our desires and dreams..

When deciding on what to share, I had renewed passion for a dream I held onto ever since my Junior College days…which was to have a Home that I could run, where anybody that needed help – whether it was an old lady with health difficulties, a youth running away from home, or a kid loitering on the street – would be able to find care and appropriate help. Sharing it with the others that night made me reflect on God’s journey for me ever since those college days.

Today, though I don’t own a Home that renders help to the needy, I get the opportunity to manage a wonderful centre with lovely staff and needy children and I get to make a positive difference to their lives each and every day. Seeing His plans unfold for me, trusting Him with my future, has really been an amazing experience.

And one of the best moments that night was when I was introduced to a long-time friend of my late grandpa, coincidentally, one of my colleague’s Dad. He asked about my grandpa, fondly shared precious memories of him blessing them with durians all the time, and proudly told me that the clothes he was wearing were tailored by my grandpa – still in good condition. He even numbers all the shirts and pants!

Makes me wonder what memories my grandchildren will linger over in the many years to come.. šŸ˜›


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