Magnum goodness

Bren and I have been indulging in a lot of Magnum (mostly mini.s) these days. It is so addictive, so incredibly unhealthy but how can anyone resist ice-cream??

Not us anyway.

He has been away in Shanghai for the past days, and I can’t wait for my Magnum buddy to come back and enjoy those yummy sticks with me again.

In front of the tv. Holding hands. Making our tummies happy. Like we have been for the past few weeks. 🙂

He sent me this a few days ago, surprising me at work since I’d been craving for the almond coated stick for a long, long time.

It put a big smile on my face, and I’m hoping to have more of such moments.

The simple things in life..


Brunch & Tea..

With Juliaaaaa! 🙂

It was a meet-up I looked foward to, since it was a good break in between a long work week with a major event coming up and several changes to adjust to at work.

We’d such a fab time at The Tanglin Tree (I especially loved the quiet grocery store above it – note to self: the next time I pop by that area, I MUST do some proper grocery-shopping there) and after lunch, we walked over to Tanglin Mall and had tea at Caffe Beviamo where their strawberry shortcake surprised us with how good it was!

It was one of those perfectly enjoyable days, sharing our hearts out and knowing that no matter what, we have each other as well as Him who cares so much for us and our loved ones..

And tonight – Presley and Mary are coming over for dinner with Bren and I. Thinking about what to prepare for them and the thought of having pretty flowers around the home is already putting me in a fantastic mood.

Yay for friends!

Cynthia’s Baptism

Brought back memories of my own…about how nervous yet excited I was, and how the moments just passed by so quickly.

It was a good chance to remind myself of the declaration I made, and while witnessing it, my heart just felt compelled to give dear Cynthia a nice big hug on her special day.

Life is beautiful, and even more so when Christ is in us…

Blessed by Mums

Just had a really filling and delicious beef & mushroom spaghetti dinner from my MIL.

Those luscious, fat mushrooms..thick, juicy beef…and soft, tender carrots all swishing around in great tomato-based sauce…yum yum yum! No wonder it is one of Bren’s favorite.

And few days ago, Mum asked me out for lunch on my off-day and we’d such a nice time at Lao Beijing, eating and catching up before she went back to work:

One of my favorite nourishing desserts:

Reminiscing these cherished moments definitely makes me grateful to have wonderful Mums that bless me with so, so much. 🙂

A Dollop of Our Home

When corsage asked me to share pictures of my home for the “A Dollop Of My Home” series, I was flattered, but also felt a little lost as to what to send her.

Was a little uninspired and it took me a couple of weeks before deciding on 2 pictures – both very simple and straight-foward, yet represent very precious spots for me.

1) Our kitchen sink where I’ve enjoyed much cleaning & cleansing:

2) My corner in the living room where I do my devotions:

Doing this made me very intentional about looking for places in the home where I was very thankful for and at ease with, and it has definitely made me much, much more appreciative.

If you’ve any great pictures to share too, feel free to email her – I’m sure it’ll be wonderful and inspiring!

Just like this card I received in the mail from my boss… 🙂

New year, new life

It is our country’s 46th birthday today! While I don’t think I would be what you’ll call a very patriotic person, I do have my “proud to be Singaporean” moments. Indeed, we have so much to be grateful for when we reflect upon them..

Well, may another year be another that brings great blessings, love and laughter for all of us!

“Happy National Day!”

Saturday breakfasts

Bren and I usually sleep in on Saturdays if we can help it. It is so rare for us to get out of bed after 9 on weekends such that when we do get the chance – no errands to run, no work to complete, no to-do.s that cannot wait for the afternoon to arrive, we relish and savor such s-l-o-w mornings and happily start the weekend on a very relaxing note.

Last Saturday was an exception though.

We intentionally made plans to have breakfast @ Coffee Club as a farewell treat for Kevin before he flew off to Hawaii on an exchange program. The effort was very much worth it – really enjoyed my salmon brunch, eagerly munched on well-cut fries that Joy couldn’t finish, and had great company throughout the breakfast. Made waking up early such a joy!

I wouldn’t mind waking up early again for breakfasts such as this.