Love :)

…when you spontaneously decide to reminisce the first date you had after being inspired by a movie you’ve just watched together on a delightful Sunday…

…and when you decide to save your partner from being stuck in a stairwell at work instead of shopping at your favorite store, and realising it was all worth it, especially when you end up at his workplace, watching the F1 race together…

…and relishing the end of a long work day with fireworks surprise!

It’s been almost a year since we got married and I’m learning new things everyday. It’s so nice to have someone to share life’s memories with, and I can’t wait for us to have a good break holiday-ing in Taiwan over our 1 year wedding anniversary!

Going to be awesome.




Darling Junior

Once in a coupla weeks, we make time to head over for dinner at Bren’s grandma’s place. More often than not, I know Bren wants to go over – not just to see his grandma and uncle – but because he misses darling Junior.

It’s always such a joy to see him waiting for us at the gate, and taking him for a walk after dinner does bring back memories of how we were when we stayed over at this wonderful home…just months ago.

I think it’s time to schedule another visit..

Grandmas’ Bdays

Celebrated grandmas’ birthdays on the same day when presidential elections were held. Naturally, our conversations that night pretty much revolved around the candidates, the candidates’ wives and…still more on the candidates.

I miss seeing news on Dr Tan Cheng Bock! He is such a warm-hearted man.

Had a sweet time with rellies over dinner and cake, and having little Kaelyn there this year made it even more entertaining. One of my favorite part of the night was enticing her with durians and having her drool over them. Cute!

Such a special day it was.

“I got you a gift!”

I have such a sweet sister-in-law.

In return for treating the family to dinner (which was super awesome btw), she bashfully handed me this little bag saying, “I got you a gift, it’s a cup!”

Was so surprised and incredibly touched by her sweet gesture..

It was actually also very timely because the next morning, I broke Bren’s cup.

So now, he uses my old cup and I’ve a nice new one.


Comfort food

There is this lovely beef noodle place along the streets of North Bridge Rd that Bren and I really like to patronise. Before I knew of the place, he used to tell me how wonderful their beef noodles were and how he couldn’t get enough of it.

So when I finally got the chance to try, I was sold. The solid beef balls had a slight chewiness to them, and the soup was done just right – with a tad of sour-ish kick to it, and it went so well with the fragrant parsley. The medium bowl wasn’t enough for me – I could’ve had a large portion and shared a small one with Bren if he was up to it. 😉

Needless to say, we’ve been back there several times after that.

Once, I’d a really moody day at work and I really needed something to take me out of that sluggish state. Somehow, walking around after work, I found myself making my way to the little beef noodles place. Tucked away in a corner, it brought a wonderful sense of seclusion and comfort to me. The amazing thing was – on the same evening, Bren found himself there too! He was also having cravings for it and so popped over for dinner, thinking that I was on my way to doing home visits.

It has now become a pretty special food-place to us. And I’ve found comfort in just being there, soaking in their homely feel and people-watch for a bit. Makes my problems seem that bit smaller…and the world that bit better.

Few days back, we also stumbled upon a nice Japanese restaurant in town which I’ve forgotten the name of. Well, the food did not disappoint, and I have sashimi in my mouth in this:

And it’s my first post-haircut pic!

Partners Appreciation Night

It has been exactly 1 week since the major event ended. It is an annual event that we organize around this time of the year to appreciate our various partners – wonderful sponsors, generous corporate donors, faithful volunteers – that have kindly given of their time/money and effort into our causes and I was happy to have a part in coordinating it.

These people have made such a difference in the lives of the less-privileged and all we wanted was to bless them with a good movie, good food and (hopefully) good company too. Made it extra-special to have my parents around, and as per tradition, Bren and I had late dinner/supper with friends after that.

I certainly hope they’d a great time, and would continue partnering with us on this journey. 🙂