Comfort food

There is this lovely beef noodle place along the streets of North Bridge Rd that Bren and I really like to patronise. Before I knew of the place, he used to tell me how wonderful their beef noodles were and how he couldn’t get enough of it.

So when I finally got the chance to try, I was sold. The solid beef balls had a slight chewiness to them, and the soup was done just right – with a tad of sour-ish kick to it, and it went so well with the fragrant parsley. The medium bowl wasn’t enough for me – I could’ve had a large portion and shared a small one with Bren if he was up to it. 😉

Needless to say, we’ve been back there several times after that.

Once, I’d a really moody day at work and I really needed something to take me out of that sluggish state. Somehow, walking around after work, I found myself making my way to the little beef noodles place. Tucked away in a corner, it brought a wonderful sense of seclusion and comfort to me. The amazing thing was – on the same evening, Bren found himself there too! He was also having cravings for it and so popped over for dinner, thinking that I was on my way to doing home visits.

It has now become a pretty special food-place to us. And I’ve found comfort in just being there, soaking in their homely feel and people-watch for a bit. Makes my problems seem that bit smaller…and the world that bit better.

Few days back, we also stumbled upon a nice Japanese restaurant in town which I’ve forgotten the name of. Well, the food did not disappoint, and I have sashimi in my mouth in this:

And it’s my first post-haircut pic!


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