Taiwan Reflections

Had a very relaxing time in Taiwan, celebrating our 1st year. The annoying thing was catching a flu bug on our flight back home, resulting in me being rather miserable despite coming back from an incredibly refreshing trip.

Oh well. Thank God I’m recovering from it, and thankfully…my thoughts were all jotted nicely in my phone, which makes journaling about it that much easier. ;P

Day 1: 1 Oct 11:34pm 

Long day. Delayed flight. Stayed in the airplane for 3.5 hrs before it could leave spore for hong kong. Didn’t have a lot of sleep last night, so I think I’ve caught the flu..made worse by being in the chilly spore & hong kong airport(s) all day.

Bren has been good, despite having a terribly sick traveling partner and I must give thanks. We’re both really exhausted, but I’m thankful that after travelling for the whole day, we’ve finally reached The Tango hotel. N thankful for a very helpful Taiwanese lady who gave us directions to the hotel.

Yay bren just bought back dinner.

Macdonalds. Rejoice in every circumstance!

Like wat I overheard a guy saying while we were walking on the streets – “it’s all about how u choose to look at things.”

It’s going to be a great time of reflection on marriage n His blessings!  


Day 2: 2 Oct 5:26pm 
Officially our 1st year wedding anniversary!

What a great day of shopping and chatting with people from Taipei! They are such warm & friendly people, reminding me of our experience in Japan, our happy place.

I really miss Japan, and I’m hoping that we can make a trip there again in the near future. Hopefully, things pick up for them sometime soon…meanwhile, I’m enjoying taipei, it’s like the Chinese version of Japan! Love it.

We’re now taking a breather in our lil’ hotel before heading out to Shilin Night Market for dinner. The weather is so much cooler than we were prepared for. Wasnt it supposed to be 30 degrees or sth? Anyway, thank god for cheap leggings n my fav Jill Stuart jacket.

Felt a lil’ nauseous coming back. Think it’s because I ate this huge piece of fried chicken, whoops. Thankfully, Bren headed out to get me something sour to counter the nauseousness n am feeling much better now.

Note to self: no more over-indulging! Hehe


Day 3: 3 Oct 10:44pm 

Rainy, rainy day. Gotta pray for better, favorable weather for the rest of our trip. Well, i tell bren that at least it’s not a typhoon.

Spent the large part of today sleeping in (we’d only 10 mins before breakfast at the hotel ended!) and hanging around Guanghua electronic mall so that bren can have his IT/gadgets fix. Almost fell asleep walking around, but I have a techie for a husband.  

Watching tv and snacking on Mister Donuts now and I like it…a cosy way to end the day.


Day 4: 4 Oct 7:39pm 
Bren is in the jacuzzi tub and chuckling away at a random comedy sitcom.

I’m all snuggled up, nice and warm under the sheets and giggling at the same comedy sitcom.

Life is sweet.

We’d a fantastic day at Dan Shui today…crossing the Lovers’ Bridge, sampling delicious local food at gongming street and being amused at the little creatures that were around.

God has been good…and we’re only halfway through our trip!  


Day 5: 5 Oct 8:09pm 
A scruffy little poodle has stolen our hearts. We saw it along one of the dark alleys while walking around after dinner and it melted my heart instantly with its sweet, sweet smile and happy tail wag. Sigh, what a darling…we’re calling her ¹Ô¹Ô because she’s looks really obedient.

Had a nice time traveling to Jiufen too, one of Mum’s highly recommended places. The serene view was a nice change to our usual city spots and the food was also pretty unique. Especially loved the sweet taro balls dessert!

Okie, time to chill.

We’ve decided to look for the little poodle again tomorrow.

I miss her smile.  

And because the drowsiness of my medicine has kicked in…I’ll continue the post another day.

Till then, have a good night. 🙂


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