More of Taiwan :)

Day 6: 6 Oct 8:33pm 

We popped by to see “Guai Guai” tonight and she was incredibly sweet…so excited to see us, and it made it very hard to say goodbye. Don’t want to get too attached to her, but it’s so difficult when she gives you such a heartwarming smile, as if she remembers me seeing her last night…

Bren and I did a lot of reflections today. Steve jobs’s passing away made us think about how we want to be remembered, and we talked about our dreams over lunch. How crazy and seemingly foolish mine was, and how small-scale his was…in comparison to my “I can do this!” aspirations.    They say opposites attract.

Over dinner, we chatted about what were the most memorable things on this trip, and one of mine – besides having lovely animals that melted my heart around – was meeting a young guy at the train station, playing his violin to raise money for school fees. It touched me deeply, yet I know that we will never fully understand how much he is struggling and how much passion he has for school.

Oh and it didn’t rain today! It was fabulous, and it was a moment I really treasured too…having fresh air blowing in our faces and having our hands free from umbrellas. Praise God  



Day 8: 8 Oct 1:03pm 

In the airplane now, preparing to head back to spore.

Spent most of yesterday shopping, enjoying the food we love in Taipei, and just resting in front of the tv. Nice.

Went to bade our goodbyes to darling “Guai Guai”..for real this time, and it was so hard to leave. Trusting that God will provide the best care for her. She’s such a sweetie.

Taiwan is beautiful. The experience has been great. The concierge, the taxi drivers, the salespeople, the people on the streets, the hawkers, even the lift attendants…everything has truly touched our hearts.  


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