Good service :)

What exactly is it, and how do we even define it..?

I’m such a big fan of good services, especially at restaurants and anxiety-inducing places like clinics/hospitals. It somehow brings a sweet warmth to the heart, and makes the experience that much more memorable.

For the past week, have been reflecting on how we reflect (or not reflect) Christ at work, and it has been an even bigger challenge for me to inspire my team to constantly bring good service day after day…after all, we are serving the less-privileged and every decision that we make should be towards making a difference in their lives.

This was taken when Bren and I were pleasantly surprised at the wonderful service of Tonkichi, a lovely Japanese restaurant we frequent whenever we’ve cravings for nicely-fried pork.

It was served simply because we found a little tooth-pick in one of my pork cutlets. We were not complaining about it, just informed the wait staff on it so they could be aware…and minutes later, out came this tasty dish as apology for the slip-up!

It was really delicious.

At another of our visit, they gave us complimentary coffee desserts when the wait for our main meals took around 20 mins long. We did not complain, so we were seriously impressed that they had such initiative.

Thinking about these makes me realise that what it essentially boils down to, is the heart of our service. Leadership is also an act of service.

A service from the heart, to touch another person’s heart…


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