Merry Blessed Christmas!

Such a special day today, and what better way to celebrate than with my loved ones…just enjoying each other’s presence and having joyful conversations.

It’s also fitting to remember the many special moments I’ve had at work, with people that I truly consider my family and dearly loved ones too…there’s just so much to give thanks for.

Lunch together after a prayer gathering:

Realised that they were wearing the same shirts!

Celebrated birthdays & farewells…

Brought our “Sunshine Club Cares!” kids to bless a dear elderly with food, house-cleaning and a birthday song. 🙂

Also brought kids to Sentosa and had such a fabulous time with them!

Hope you’d a great Christmas with loads of thanksgiving moments too!


“and the greatest of these is LOVE.”

Cynthia’s wedding holds many precious memories.

Julia and I met up beforehand for preparations for her Hen’s Party, and on the wedding day itself, it was such a beautiful day, with all of us helping out in whichever way possible, and their thank-you speeches really touched me…making all the effort and preparation worthwhile.

Julia and I chose to discuss over for a nice burger dinner @ Relish, Serangoon Gardens area. The weather was breezy and the food was great, so it made the discussion such fun! We agreed to pop by again.

It’s the Christmas season!

Her Hen’s Party was simple but also really hilarious…it was definitely a nice way to get to know her husb better!

The wedding day!

Looking foward to her sharing when us wives meet up again..! 🙂

His Heart

Few months ago, Bren talked to me about his issues at work, his hopes for his career and our future, and on how things may be increasingly uncertain in the coming months. It was over a nice Chinese dinner after work, and it was definitely a good time of sharing as we contemplated on several key issues, including finances and the possibility of building our little family up.

Assured him that he has my support, and we agreed to pray over it and commit the situation unto God. After all, He is sovereign and will show us His direction!

It didn’t take long before He answered.

The very next day, Bren received assurance on his job prospects. He called me sounding really happy, and I couldn’t wait to knock off work to meet him for a happy dinner after that!

But God is better than just “good”. He is very, very good.

Bren later called me in the evening with such joy in his voice, asking me to guess how much money his account now has, haha. Yes, he just received his bonus, and it was a lot more than what he’d expected!

It is beyond us how God works. It felt like such a load off our shoulders, knowing that it was the confirmation and assurance we needed at that point in time.

That same night, while waiting to meet him to have our favorite pasta dinner at the coffee-shop near our place, I went to the ATM machine to draw out money.

And this was what I saw along the steps…

Is it incredible or what. The heart(s) always appear at the absolute RIGHT moment, and I know…it is His heart – of love, comfort, provision, and a whole lot more than we can ever imagine.

Praise God. 🙂

Same dress alert!

Taken when Bren was amused at this lady wearing the exact same dress (that I got from Mango during a sale) when I was queuing @ H & M:

The thing was, she didn’t realise it at all since she was a few steps ahead of me.

And the hilarious moment really was when I stepped back into my changing room instinctively when I caught a glimpse of her coming out at the same time.


Knee-jerk reaction!

My adorable “little fatty”

Little Kaelyn has been given the nickname “Little Fatty”.

Bren started calling her that few months ago when she grew to be such a chubby little baby, and it caught on! We’ve been calling her that (in Mandarin) even in conversations with my parents, and it makes us smile every time, haha.

Sometimes, I turn back the clock and recall just how much joy she has brought us in the past months…it’s so amazing. Truly a wonderful gift from God.

Just see how much she has grown in only a few weeks!

It was such fun with her around when Aunty Serene and husb came back from the States and came over for dinner at our place…

And of cos’ she blessed all of us with lots of smiles and laughter when we celebrated my bro-in-law’s birthday at my parent’s place. Such a smart and cheeky little one, super cute!

Can’t wait to visit her again. ;D

To be like a tree, planted by streams of water…

We’d our Asher Tribe retreat @ JB few weekends ago, and the theme was about being refreshed…deeply rooted in Him, renewed everyday, like a tree planted by streams of water.

Indeed it was refreshing. So nice to just take a breather out from our lifestyles and soak ourselves in His Word and His loving, comforting presence. It was also around Thanksgiving, so it got me started on a very thankful note.

Thankful for my loved ones. Thankful for His provision. Thankful for His faithfulness. Thankful for His great mercy and compassion. Thankful for so many things and people beyond my human comprehension, and my heart (and eyes) just swell up with gratitude whenever I recount my blessings.

It was a blessed time with Bren, with cell group mates, and with new friends made!

After the retreat, came back home feeling refreshed and renewed, but I also knew that the coming week/s would hold a few tests for me, and I was determined to be victorious over whatever circumstances I would need to face. After all, He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world!

It has not been easy, but His power and grace gives me strength to continue in this journey of sticking closetoHim and drawing closer and closer to Christlike-ness everyday.

This was a verse that deeply ministered to me 2 days ago, after an incredibly rough day at work:

I read it on a friend’s page that very morning, fought a few battles throughout the day, and before I ended my workday, I was given this birthday card to write for our dear volunteer friend, Peter. Looking at that exact same verse I saw in the morning, I felt like the circle was clearly complete, and God was reminding me on delighting myself in Him…and Him alone.

How good is our God.. 🙂