Valentine’s Day

Received this card from Yixin, who took our pre-wedding photos, and it was so nice to hear from her! Indeed, it has been a Valentine celebration beyond my expectations…



Little moments this morning which I cherish included having silly hubby singing “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” while laughing at a random Youtube video upon waking up + drawing a smiley face on our bathroom’s mirror for me after his bath + buying yummy Wanton Mee breakfast up!

Met him for lunch at SGH to visit his grandma, and it was such a special way to spend part of our Valentine. After all, it’s all about spreading love..

Came back, took a quick nap before preparing for dinner – wagyu beef burger!


The wonderful surprise came at night when he came back with lovely lilies + sushi + my favorite siew mai + ice wine + our favorite magnum ice-creams! Almost made me tear..





We’re thankful, and very very happy!


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