Bren is away…

He’s on a work trip and will only be back on Thursday. It always seems to me that whenever he is away, God places special ‘tests’ in my way, things for me to work on – on my own.

It never fails to include a little bug or two, like this butterfly who refuses to move out from our bedroom:


If Bren was around, I wouldn’t be so anxious. Now, I’m just praying for it to obediently fly out…or I’ll probably end up sleeping on our sofa couch tonight.

I miss him already!

This was taken few days ago in celebration of our 1 year 5 months of marriage.


And here are some pics from my sis when they came over to celebrate Mummy’s birthday…








While I’m looking foward to the arrival of Thursday, I’m still going to embrace whatever His plans are for me during this period of time spent extra close to my Heavenly Father…


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