Good, Clean Foods

The past 4 days have been one of the best breaks ever, and it started out so unexpectedly. Reflecting upon what happened, I can only attribute it to His goodness, grace and perfect timing.

2 days of medical leave + 1 off-day + 1 leave = 4 well-spent days recovering from an awful infection and enough time to read up on ways to have better health, plan my meals as well as buy and cook good, wholesome foods.

Not that I wasn’t health-conscious to begin with, except I wasn’t that disciplined…HA.

Anyway, now that I’m experiencing complete recovery and wellness (finally!), I don’t want to go back to days of sneezing and coughing my lungs out again…

Less processed food.

Cut out trans-fat as much as I can when we eat out.

More organic and whole foods.

More gluten-free food.

I’m going to treat our bodies better…after all, it is His gift to us!

In order to detox from all the med that I’ve been taking, made a more nutritious lunch for us. And yes, I’m so thankful that Bren could work from home on the day that I’m on leave!

God is awesome.


Sweet potato soup + millet with broccoli, potatoes & yam + egg in capsicum, all dressed with homemade low-fat vinaigrette (which makes all the difference!):


Am going to take it slow today, and not get sucked into a whirlwind of urgency again.

Another bowl of sweet potato soup sounds really good right now…


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