When life is this good…

I have to make sure I have it etched on my heart and give thanks.

Have been experiencing several wonderful moments where I’ll be walking away amazed at how sweet it truly is to be married to my dear husband. We are so goofy and silly with each other…we share our honest opinions freely and learn from each other…cry with each other (or rather, more of me sobbing and him smiling knowingly back at me..), and we grow in Him together.

I’ll never be tired of singing His praises for us for He has blessed us with such abundance and love, that it would be silly to even think any of it came from our own strength.

Love my husband so much, and I love how he is growing so well as our spiritual leader of the home. I can only pray that I’ll continue loving him from His love poured into me, and remember that all will be gone someday…but we’ve made some really special and precious memories and that we have lived out our lives for His glory.

He has been singing Bon Jovi’s Thank You for Loving Me – and adaptations of it – to me this past week, and while I laugh and pretend to be nonchalant about it sometimes, most of the time…my heart sings with him too.


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