Personalizing Gifts

I’m not a big gift-giver. As much as I love showering others with gifts and also receiving them, I hold the whole thing quite casually. It really depends on my budget, my available time, how close I am to the person, and whether or not it’s an important event.

So when it came to Linda’s birthday last week, I was feeling a little lost as to what I should get her. Giving things to colleagues can be tricky, so I prayed…and waited…and waited……and waited.

Then I stumbled onto something at a bookshop.

Then another thing from an online shopping site.

Then I saw her cravings for chocolate on her Facebook.

And I realised how near the chocolate cafe is to my place!

Fantastic. I was convicted.

Got everything happily, placed ’em in a Starbucks paper bag cos’ I didn’t have the time to wrap, and gave it to her the next day.

The best part of giving gifts is seeing the joy and sometimes looks of surprise and delight on their faces, isn’t it?

That was exactly what I was blessed with, and it made all the waiting and purchasing worthwhile.

Plus, I got to discover a nice cafe that I can now pop by to when I want some me-time! Love it that they sell organic free-range eggs too!

Wimbly Lu:




The hug she gave in return was all that was needed to affirm me on His guidance and provision for her (belated) birthday gift.

Now, I’m all geared up to prepare more personalized gifts!


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