My 30th: a turning point

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Turning 30 (tomorrow!) is truly something. Reflecting on my years lived during my 20s, I can’t help but be amused at how silly and gullible I was. Thankfully, I have much better sense now and am clearer of my purpose in life.

It couldn’t have happened without His grace and His love that touched me, that led me to a turning point in 2006.

Knowing of Christ and accepting Him into my life as Lord and Savior was the best decision made, and at times, I pinch myself thinking I should have done so earlier.. But anyway, all in His perfect timing.

Day after day, growing in knowing Him better through His Word and through experiencing His amazing love and goodness…it breaks my heart to the core, knowing that He had to sacrifice so much on the cross, just so that I may be this blessed.

Now that I’m turning 30, I recognise this as another precious turning point.

May my life reveal more and more of His miracles and His glory, as I seek Him in a much greater depth.

It is just so sweet how the plans my loved ones and friends have made for my 30th is turning out to be something that’ll span a couple of weeks. So instead of doing 1 big post, I shall update about it as He reveals…


Celebrated with family on Saturday, and Bren and I headed to get the cake together. It is organic, gluten & dairy free, and very suitable even for the elderlys; loved it!

Was a simple dinner done at Pu Tien, but so, so lovely and enjoyable, especially since I got to play and cuddle with my darling niece! She’s such a doll.












Thank you, Daddy & Mummy for the card! Love the smiley face 😀


Am going to have a good rest this birthday break, and enjoy His bountiful blessings that are in store…

May God bless you richly too!


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