My 30th: 5th April ’12

“Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord

who minister by night in the house of the Lord.

Lift up your hands in the sanctuary

and praise the Lord.

May the Lord, the Maker of heaven 

bless you from Zion.” Psalm 134

Woke up to such an unexpected sight in the morning that I started tearing.

I know, I tear so easily…but how can you not be touched by a card from your husband, especially one in which he lovingly drew many pictures which amused me to no end. He told me not to make his name smelly (HA), so I shall respect that and not post the drawings – stuff that he does on a daily basis to annoy me…


I have an amusing husband, one with a prankster’s heart.

5th April.

Had to honor my day and did some reflection on how my past 30 years have been…and it brings me to such a state of brokenness and also such gratitude for my parents, my dear siblings, for Bren being there for me ever since 17, and for Christ ultimately being in the center of it all.

This is so true:


Went for a much-needed haircut, and had a relaxing time @ Cedele with my books.


Bren took 1/2 day leave so we could have more time together, and I really appreciated it. Went for a Japanese lunch, and bought tix to watch The Vow! Such a sweet show, though we were rather shocked at the PG ratings these days.

Had post-movie bubble-tea, yum:


Decided to take a stroll along Orchard and we bumped into his friends. I’m always so excited when we meet familiar people in random settings.

Anyway, it was just nice spending time with each other, with no specific destination…just walking.




Birthday blessings!


It’s going to be another amazing year!


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