My 30th: Discovering the Joy of Healing Cooking

Bren’s grandma asked me during our last visit, “So, what types of delicious meals do you prepare?” Such a loaded question. To which I humbly replied, “Mmm, simple dishes – rice, fish, veg…” and I gave a “that’s it” shrug and smiled.

When I gave it more thought, I realised that while it’s true I tend to stick to simple dishes and easy recipes, my focus is on really much more than just the taste of it.

Knowing how awful it is to be sick, and especially since I wasn’t naturally born with amazingly strong health, I’ve always had to be more careful with the food I took, and this passion for food that heals the body took on greater importance when I got married. I mean, Bren’s health is practically in my hands! The food part, at least.

So for the past year, I’ve grown in my awareness of the different foods and various ways of cooking such that the nutrients are maximised, and in the midst of all that, I’ve attempted to make sure it has a decent taste too.

When loved ones or friends come over, I have their health in mind, and I’m so eager in blessing them with foods that I know will truly nourish their bodies…and I hope that it translates well to them too.

I’m thankful that Bren eats a lot more vegetables now as compared to before we got married, and I’m always so grateful when he finishes the meals I prepare, with satisfaction. Though, at times, he’ll still remark, “Mmm, good stuff. Now to finish it all with Ruffles or a Magnum!” Oh well, at least he’d good stuff in first.

Anyway, this was our dinner last night:

tuna steak + wild salmon + organic broccoli w roasted walnuts + quinoa w eggs, mushrooms & smoked salmon topped w herbs + organic sweet potato soup:


I can’t say that it’s the world’s greatest food (because it isn’t…), but I am pleased that I’m on this wonderful journey of discovery and of cooking meals that nourishes and heals.

And that, at 30, is such a gift from Him.


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