The Best Day

It can be any day, really.


First day of the school hols, and lots of excitement going around. Love hearing the laughter of the children, and seeing them break into wide grins. The simplest things amuse them to no end.

Had a late but delicious Japanese curry dinner with Bren after he knocked off, and I literally finished every morsel. Yum yum. Grabbed toiletries and a couple of groceries, and we quickly headed home.

To wonderful delivery of dry-cleaned clothes.


And before going to sleep, we did a casual assessment of our marriage thus far. It has only been about 1 year + 8 mths, but we’ve already learnt so much about each other and our issues to work on. Coming together to chat about what we’re doing well so far, and what we’ll need to improve on, is really something very useful…and hopefully we can keep it going.

Have a good night!


Beautiful Day He Made


It started out really peacefully.

Ate my breakfast. Prepared Bren’s. Made my lunch to be brought to work. Everything was in place.

When I was ready to leave for work, my plan was to take the bus.

But God had different plans for me.

It took a lot of wrestling and summoning of faith, but long story short – I’d an important meeting to go to within an hour, and within that hour…bus didn’t turn up, cab that was supposed to turn up didn’t as well, walked and missed the bus (!), took the train instead, but had to get out halfway and hail a cab to prevent being even later than I already was.


What a morning.

But once I let go of all anxiety and allowed Him to take over my thoughts, things got better. A lot better.

Meeting was awesome – received great feedback, and wonderful news.

Grabbed a bite of my lunch right after that meeting, before I went back to the office for another meeting with the team.


Had sweet moments with the children, and before leaving work, a volunteer friend and I sent a child back home, and we’d a nice, slow Japanese dinner at the nearby mall.

He was such a sweetheart. Shared a lot on his dream about being a doctor, and we chatted about our past experiences with teenage gangsters that made us more gracious and compassionate towards them and towards teens with such backgrounds…and then we had ice-cream! From an uncle that used to send his children to our centre.

The amazing moment was the last part, when he shared that he was always curious about Christianity, but had many doubts and questions that were never resolved. So I kept praying and asking God to give me wisdom and an open heart for him, and thankfully, after the chat, he felt that his doubts were cleared!

It was such a beautiful moment, a moment of His love and grace and abundance just flowing through. I knew then, in my heart that I was in the direction God wanted me to be, and for that, I am grateful.

God works in such mysterious ways. This sweet volunteer friend ordered the same Japanese dinner as I did, and he loves Jodi Picoult’s books the way I do! I could already tell that we’ll have lots to chat about, and right now, I’m just praying for him to come to the saving knowledge of Christ someday.

For like I told him, Jesus loves him so much…and is just waiting for him to go to Him.

On days like this, I’m so humbled by how God can use me to do His mighty works. And I’m super thankful, and happy, and very much encouraged to continue living life the way He wants me to…

These made me smile…

Reminders of His love, even in ice-cubes



Receiving a timely encouragement from a dear sister-in-christ



Receiving a random gift from the same dear sister



Seeing my dear niece smiling so happily


The smallest things in life are sometimes, simply the most precious.


Bren is away in Jakarta for another work trip, but I’m looking foward to seeing him tomorrow night after work.

Meanwhile, I’m just so thankful for His blessings, and for being able to have a nice dinner with Mummy later on. 🙂

May you have a wonderful Wednesday too!

To Dance To the Rhythm of Life…

Reading Matthew 13:31-33’s 2 parables, and this from Wayne Mueller just opens my eyes again to His truth, and not what the world teaches…

“…we can work without stopping, faster and faster, electric lights making artificial day so the whole machine can labor without ceasing. But remember: no living thing lives like this. There are greater rhythms that govern how life grows…seasons and sunsets and great movements of seas and stars… We are part of the creation story, subject to all its laws and rhythms. 

To surrender to the rhythms of seasons and flowerings and dormancies is to savor the secret of life itself.

Many scientists believe we are “hard-wired” like this, to live in rhythmic awareness, to be in and then step out, to be engrossed and then detached, to work and then to rest. It follows then that the commandment to remember the Sabbath is not a burdensome requirement from some law-giving deity – “You ought, you’d better, you must” – but rather a remembrance of a law that is firmly embedded in the fabric of nature. It is a reminder of how things really are, the rhythmic dance to which we unavoidably belong.”

Have always loved nature and wished I could spend more time in it. Flowers, trees, parks, butterflies, sunshine, rainbows…such bliss.

Now, it’s to learn from nature – from everything that He has created. So am going to lie dormant today and do absolutely nothing.

Just to rest and rest and rest more…

Then I’ll blossom! Haha…

In His Time…

This cushion cover is a perfect reminder of His perfect timing and will for us.

Love it!



Am loving this chill-out Saturday too, especially since Bren and I had a very long day yesterday.

He’s taking a nap now, and after he is done with another rehearsal for his work presentation later, we’ll be off to watch Avengers with the cell!

To be honest, it’s not really my kind of movie, but I’m happy as long as we’re out and enjoying ourselves. Plus, dinner should be yum!

Thank God for weekends.

To be Gentler to my Soul…

That was a passage that held so much revelation when I was reading Daily Office yesterday.

“When we are busier than what God requires, we do violence to ourselves:

There is a pervasive form of contemporary violence… activism and overwork. The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence. To allow oneself to be carried away by a multitude of conflicting concerns, to surrender to too many demands, to commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to violence… It kills the root of inner wisdom which makes work fruitful.” – Thomas Merton

And in doing violence to ourselves, we are unable to love others in and through the love of Christ.”

Wow – violence indeed.

Very thankful for the revelation, and the assurance of how God is sovereign, I do not have to be concerned over every single thing, but only one thing – to follow Him and His direction, moment by moment.

Each time that I have the privilege of enjoying my off-day, I’m incredibly blessed by such insight. God is so, so good…and I’m going to take it with me to work from today onwards. To be gentler to my dear soul, and to completely entrust it to Him. God, help me!

Also spent a while yesterday looking through more pics that my sis uploaded of my niece’s 1st birthday. I can never get tired of looking at them!





She’s such a sweetie-pie!

Had a good moment of gratitude in the morning too, when I made a super-healthy breakfast for Bren and I…and he slurped every bit of it up!

It surprised me cos’ it’s not the most tasty, but still very nutritious – fresh orange juice + porridge oats w blueberries, raspberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, sultanas, dried cranberries, raisins, sesame seeds, and a sprinkling of sprouted flaxseeds w goji berry. Trusting that it gave us that extra boost for good health!


Bren has been having very long and exhausting days at work these past few weeks. It’s preparation for a major event launch, and while I’m really proud of him and his dedication – plus, it’s fun to help go thr’ his ppt presentations and give feedback while I play ‘audience’ – ultimately, I’m praying for His grace and favor to be upon him, and for me to know how to support him as a wife during this challenging period.

Lord, teach me…

Happy 1st Birthday to my niece!

She turns 1 today, and we had a fun celebration on Sunday @ Peek-a-boo playground.

This little child has brought such amazing joy and laughter to all of us, and I cannot imagine things turning out better than it already has.

Such a blessing!


Bren and I got her a little Elmo soft-toy – one of her current favorite characters!











My favorite part was when she randomly looked at me and started clapping in response – it was so well-timed for the photo-taking!




She’s our adorable little baby, and I pray that she’ll grow into a wonderful lady, one after God’s own heart, in time to come..