To Dance To the Rhythm of Life…

Reading Matthew 13:31-33’s 2 parables, and this from Wayne Mueller just opens my eyes again to His truth, and not what the world teaches…

“…we can work without stopping, faster and faster, electric lights making artificial day so the whole machine can labor without ceasing. But remember: no living thing lives like this. There are greater rhythms that govern how life grows…seasons and sunsets and great movements of seas and stars… We are part of the creation story, subject to all its laws and rhythms. 

To surrender to the rhythms of seasons and flowerings and dormancies is to savor the secret of life itself.

Many scientists believe we are “hard-wired” like this, to live in rhythmic awareness, to be in and then step out, to be engrossed and then detached, to work and then to rest. It follows then that the commandment to remember the Sabbath is not a burdensome requirement from some law-giving deity – “You ought, you’d better, you must” – but rather a remembrance of a law that is firmly embedded in the fabric of nature. It is a reminder of how things really are, the rhythmic dance to which we unavoidably belong.”

Have always loved nature and wished I could spend more time in it. Flowers, trees, parks, butterflies, sunshine, rainbows…such bliss.

Now, it’s to learn from nature – from everything that He has created. So am going to lie dormant today and do absolutely nothing.

Just to rest and rest and rest more…

Then I’ll blossom! Haha…


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