Friends are such blessings…

Have been sharing in the joy of great fellowship these past weeks, and I cannot give thanks enough for such sweet times. When someone connects deeply with you, something special happens, and I treasure such friendship a lot.

Julia and I met up for movie + dinner few weeks back. We watched this Chinese movie “First Time” and it was surprisingly really good and heartwarming! Loved the script and we cried so much, I was very glad we were with each other; Bren wouldn’t have wanted to watch it with me, haha.

Good times!


Yummy dinner @ Paradise Inn:



And I have joyful news to share – volunteer friend Simon has accepted Christ! It was such an anointed meetup/farewell yesterday, and God, in His perfect and absolutely beautiful timing, made it all happen. This journey of sharing Christ with him has been amazing, and it’s such a ministering experience for me too.

We’d an appreciation dinner for Simon and the 2 other volunteer friends last week – at one of my fav. places: “Grandma’s“! Absolutely adore their Cantonese Noodles.



It was their very last day with us yesterday, and so many of the kids cried as their bade their goodbyes. It’s just so hard to not miss them since they’ve become such good friends!

Till we meet again…


Simon got me Jodi Picoult‘s latest! Yay.



Can’t wait for his exams to be over and for him to meet our church friends! Praise God for his wonderful blessings..


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