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Ahh, the beauty of having a day off = fiddling with my wordpress theme.

Am loving the colors and layout!

Plus, ice-cream always means it’s a happy day…

Have a great week ahead!



She’s a big girl now :)

I still remember Kaelyn when she was just a teeny-tiny few days old infant.

The time when I first stroked her hair so carefully while she laid on the bed…when I first held her in my arms anxiously hoping that she’ll not cry much…when I first saw her eyes and mouth crinkle up into a little smile…when we first heard chuckles as my brother-in-law entertained her with his antics…those moments are moments I carry dearly, always in my heart.

Now when I visit my family and play with her, she’s such a ball of fun. Lots of big grins, contagious laughter and cheeky smiles. Few nights ago, I commented to Mum that she’s a big girl now. Understanding a lot more terms we use, patiently waiting for me to finish my dinner before lifting her arms to me, wanting to come out of the baby chair to play. It was so sweet!

We’ll be looking forward to the day when she’ll be old enough to walk well and enjoy an outing with the family..till then, we’ll still be enjoying carrying her in our arms.

We love you, Kaelyn!


Gardens By The Bay

The cell group and us went to Gardens By The Bay over the recent long weekend, and it was so crowded. Guess everyone thought the same to go during a restful weekend…

We bought our snacks from the mall then headed to find a good picnic spot so we could celebrate 3 ‘birthday babies’! All in all, it was a nice experience, and I especially loved the night scene when it was lighted up. We are so blessed with a pretty night scene in the city area!

The next time we decide to go tho’, Bren and I will get tickets to enter the domes, which apparently will be where all the interesting plants and flowers will be displayed.







Baby Chloe

Isn’t it amazing when a baby enters into our world?

Fresh hopes, new dreams, amazingly sweet moments, cherished relationships, renewed faith in the One who gave this gift of life…

Bren and I have been visiting baby Chloe a couple of times, and she is really sweet. So small, so precious, so cute.

In His timing, we’ll have our little children to love and adore. For now tho’, we’ll be happily blessing other little ones with His love!




Smell the flowers…

Smell the flowers...

When was the last time you stopped to admire a random flower? 🙂

Ever since Bren and I discovered how convenient it was to make our way to Botanical Gardens, we’ve been happily trotting over, complete with yummy picnic snacks and an unspoken agreement to always have Food For Thought to end off our date.

The flowers, the sun, the dogs…everything reminds me of how blessed we really are, and my heart overflows with praise for His beauty seen in the smallest and simplest of moments.

Just as the flower looks to the sun for its nourishment, so we are to look to our Maker – for He is our source of strength, and in Him, we are made complete in this journey of love and faith…

Mother and Child Project

Mother and Child Project

Met the owner of Mother and Child Project during a stroll at Millenia Walk a while ago, and she shared about their passion and on how the set-up of the shop helps women who are unable to work for various reasons.

It was a very simple shop, filled with a variety of products, mostly made from scratch, and I fell in love with this pair of dangly semi-precious stones earrings.

How amazing it is when Christ leads people to make a difference in other’s lives! Praying that more women will be able to benefit from this place.

Do pop by if you can!

Taking in His beauty

Taking in His beauty

God’s creation is so beautiful.

Everything from a tiny flower bud to a glorious sunset…holds such power of His greatness and creativity.

We’d a very good dinner at Cedele with parents few weekends back. The best thing – besides the nourishing and tasty food – was the catching up of family news and just chilling out with each other. Brought them to the little garden on top of the mall too, and it was Awesome. 🙂

Really treasure times like this, and am thankful for Him who sought us, out of the darkness, bringing all of us into His light…