She’s a big girl now :)

I still remember Kaelyn when she was just a teeny-tiny few days old infant.

The time when I first stroked her hair so carefully while she laid on the bed…when I first held her in my arms anxiously hoping that she’ll not cry much…when I first saw her eyes and mouth crinkle up into a little smile…when we first heard chuckles as my brother-in-law entertained her with his antics…those moments are moments I carry dearly, always in my heart.

Now when I visit my family and play with her, she’s such a ball of fun. Lots of big grins, contagious laughter and cheeky smiles. Few nights ago, I commented to Mum that she’s a big girl now. Understanding a lot more terms we use, patiently waiting for me to finish my dinner before lifting her arms to me, wanting to come out of the baby chair to play. It was so sweet!

We’ll be looking forward to the day when she’ll be old enough to walk well and enjoy an outing with the family..till then, we’ll still be enjoying carrying her in our arms.

We love you, Kaelyn!



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