Fresh Mint Tea

Am getting into vacation mood, specifically into French stuff. Not surprising since we’re leaving for our trip in less than 24 hours!

This is The a la Menthe / Fresh Mint Tea:



2 tsp loose green tea powder (I used green tea leaves)

1 bunch of mint on stem (at least 7-8 sprigs)

4-5 sugar cubes, or more to taste

2 cups boiling water, plus more for rinsing the tea and washing the mint

Pine nuts to serve

1. Place the loose tea leaves in the bottom of the teapot. Add a bit of boiling water, swish around to rinse, then drain out water.

2. Wash mint thoroughly. Holding it over the sink by the stems, pour some boiling water over the leaves.

3. Place the mint in the teapot, along with sugar cubes. Fill the pot with 2 cups boiling water and let steep for 5-10 mins. Taste a bit to see if you want more sugar; should be sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.

4. Sprinkle a few pine nuts in the bottom of a little cup, and enjoy… 🙂

Good night!


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