Day 4: Shopping & Eating

“Spent e day SHOPPING at La Vallee Village   

Didn’t have as much damage to e wallet as compared to when we were in Japan for our honeymoon, but still gd shopping nonetheless. Weather was absolutely perfect – not too chilly, n e sun was out, nice! “

“God was also so good in leading us to a place where we could do our laundry without exorbitant prices, as charged by e hotels. It was an interesting experience n we could hang out at Tuileries Park while waiting for it to be completed too. Was a nice time.   “


“Dinner at Le Souffle was such an experience. Bren n I know really little French, so thank god for superb service in translating n recommending dishes to us. Our mains had such an Asian familiarity to it too that it was such a pleasant surprise    e souffle was super special – really large n fluffy. YUM.”






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