Day 9: A Day in Ginestra

“It’s my MIL’s bday! 

So we woke up, called her (they were having a party at their place), chatted w a few of em, then decided to call my mum too…n later also decided to give my grandma a call. Was nice hearing their voices; ended up having our breakfast a bit later, but was well worth it   “


“After breakfast, took a very long walk (bt 4km in all?) to e next town, Ginestra. Was really quite exhausting but e view n little plants n flowers we saw along e way made it all better. Good exercise anyway! Have climbed many hills in just a few days, haha. What an accomplishment for us. Hopefully that erases a few extra kilos we’d have put on w all e good food!”



“Now, am just chilling in our little apartment…till it’s time for dinner. 

Was also reading my emails n reflecting on a few issues, n am praying bt fasting on them. No idea wat exactly to fast from yet, but He’ll show me in due time. 

This holiday has been really enriching. Not just in being an eye-opener to different cultures, but God has also given us ample time to simply sit at His feet, to rest…n honestly reflect on our lives. 

I’m so thankful to have Bren w me through e challenging times on this trip (sore feet certainly counts as a challenge!), esp when he keeps offering to hold my bag to lighten my load, n asks me every 5 mins if I’m doing okay when we’re walking single-filed along e road w cars speeding like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m blessed    n will keep counting my blessings! 

Thoughts during my afternoon devotion tt r too impt n precious to simply gloss over…and a few more pictures of Ginestra:

* God has a special plan for my life. I’ll not give Satan e space for anything tt contradicts w what God says.


* Seek to please only God, not men. When God is my source of strength, my stress levels will definitely go down!


* I am e glove, n God is e hand tt fills it…controls n activates it. So I just need to relax n stay connected w Him.


* Keep abiding in Him, n I’ll bear fruit for His glory. I’ll always be pruned for greater fruitfulness.


* God’s Word is eternal – e truth doesn’t change.


Hope you’d a blessed day!


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