Day 10: Let’s Snuggle…

“It’s “snuggle in” day. Pouring outside, so we’ll stay in, read some emails, watch “Breaking Bad” episodes, n contemplate about dinner later.

Wanted to get a couple of cashmere items from a factory store nearby this afternoon, but when we reached, there was this sign “Chuisso per lutto”, which we later realised it meant closed for mourning.”


“A bit of a bummer, but not like they can help it…so staying in it is.. 🙂

Aww man, I’ve such a good husband. Bren just told me he’ll go down (e huge hill) to buy dinner back for us. Leaving me here warm n comfy, while he braves e cold & wet weather. Happiness! I’m excited bt wat he’ll be bringing back later ;)”


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