You Hold My World in Your Hand

Coming back from the long vacation and adjusting to the needs back home has taken a while, but I’m glad I took my time with everything. Went to a funeral wake, caught up with my colleagues’ lives, enjoyed our Staff Retreat, took joy in giving out the little gifts we bought from our trip, and had really good times with our family.

Look at how my dear niece has grown! Haha…


We love her so much!

Bren and I are definitely planning to have kid(s). 2 years of marriage has brought us much growth and love, and we’re looking forward to having our very own little one(s), according to His perfect timing and will.

In the process of waiting, we’re going to enjoy every moment of freedom which we know will not be the same when a kid comes along. There’s so much beauty even in the journey of waiting upon Him!

Today, ended a lovely day of work and headed to get some roses for our home and chanced upon Hershey’s! Brought back memories of our Junior College days, where Bren would secretly place these Cookies & Cream chocolate bars in my locker, usually along with a sweet note. The way to my heart is truly through my stomach. ;P

Well, we’re going to enjoy the chocolate a little later, and perhaps spend the rest of the night counting our blessings…


God’s plan for us is so beautiful, for He IS beautiful.


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