A Child’s Faith

It is so pure, so simple.

These bookmarks were decorated by them, and as they did their drawings andΒ  coloring, I was very touched when one of them held the bookmark close to her heart and said in mandarin, ‘Ahh, I love Jesus so much y’know!’


Still remember that moment.. Pure sweetness πŸ™‚

And on another day, while I was finishing up some work at the computer, a child with special needs abruptly stood next to the glass door, smiled and uttered, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart.’ and then sheepishly walked away.

How amazing is that! My colleague and I looked at each other, laughed and agreed that God must have sent him to remind us on that simple truth.

How I love children and their purity!

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Spending time with Kaelyn

It is one of my favorite things to do – spending time with her, playing and being silly. She’s growing up so fast, and is starting to have her own opinions and preferences. It’s a journey of teaching her the right from wrong, and having a sense of humor through it all.

Poor her wasn’t in her best mood yesterday, likely cos she was sleepy when we met, and after bumping around a little, she puked and my heart ached. Still, she was really brave about it and only cried for a few seconds (yes, really!) and then was smiley again, especially when we walked around.







It was a really nice afternoon spent with mum over lunch, and sis and kaelyn over drinks. Always love how my off days turn out!

What does God say?

Am on the train now, on the way to meet my sis and niece after a great Japanese lunch with Mum. And since the journey is going to take a while, thought of jotting my thoughts in here…

It’s been several years since I started my blogging journey. Went through a few host sites, and made many great new friends online. Met up with a few of them, and I’m pleased that we’re still in contact no matter how busy our schedules may be.

I sometimes read through my archives and it brings back a warm familiarity and of course, great memories of the past. I smile at how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve been blessed, and remember how I accepted Christ in the midst of it all.

Every end of year, I try to read through the whole year’s posts…and it’s like reliving everything all over again, except a lot more speedily, haha.

And as I reflect, I realized how important it has been to be conscious about what I think, and whether it is aligned with what God’s Word says. Good thoughts bring forth good actions, and whether we’re aware about it or not, our thought-life has such impact on everything else that we’re involved in. Thoughts that are from His perspective are even better, and I’ve realized how I need to discipline my thought-life to be aligned as much as possible to His Word.

Am so, so thankful for this platform to not just jot my personal thoughts and record precious blessings for memory’s sake, but also as an opportunity to reflect upon my own inner-life, and hopefully have a positive impact on whoever comes across my blog too.

May Jesus be exalted through this little corner of our online world. πŸ™‚

Simple blessings

Thankful for spending some time over dinner with Bren’s grandma and uncle on Monday, and for playing with his silly dog, Junior.


And for a lovely sunset while I prepared dinner last night. A really simple meal of quinoa with roasted pumpkin seeds and shallots, with wild salmon and free-range chicken grilled with Tuscan seasoning on the side. It has to be one of the sweetest blessing to be able to welcome your husband back home, and enjoy dinner together..


Blessed mid-week, everyone! πŸ™‚

Lord, I Thank You…


For Your Word that reminds me what it is to love unconditionally.

To love no matter what.

To love the way that You love.

To never judge or assume, but simply to look up to You, pray and reflect over my issues…and to always be ready to answer with Your Word.

We had an impromptu birthday celebration for a child with special needs yesterday. Though it was just a few minutes of celebration, I was deeply moved by a mother’s love. A love so wonderful and accepting, a love displayed through multiple celebrations just for him, a love made so real through baking a delicious chocolate cake for all to enjoy with him. It can only be so because God is in their family.

I do not know how Bren and I will be like when we eventually become parents. I will not claim to know how things will turn out. But one thing I know and am very certain about, God is slowly preparing our hearts and lives to be people who will be able to love His gift of souls so unconditionally, that all glory will be His.

And so I thank You, Lord, for such a great reminder…and I praise You Lord, for all that You are.

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A Faithful Servant


God has truly touched me with His Word this weekend. To be a servant of others, and not seek to be served. Just like He washed the feet of the disciples, to be faithful in service and be used by Him to touch others with His love.

Had a friend’s sister’s wedding this afternoon, and I just felt so good being able to usher people into His church, His presence. A simple duty, but with so much meaning to it. Being able to witness a beautiful couple getting married…playing with flower petals and bubbles with young children running around with shiny strips of coloured paper on their hair…it’s so, so sweet.

Praying that I’ll be a wise servant of Christ, faithful till the end…all by His awesome grace and mercy.

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Popping over for a smile

On my way to work one morning, realized that I was still pretty early – about 20 mins, and so I quickly decided to pop by to visit my niece!

She has always been chirpy in the mornings. My parents would share stories with me on how she would wake up, sing to herself and be full of giggles in the morning, so I was glad to have had that little pocket of time to enjoy her laughter!

I played shapes with her, she showed me her new (squeaky) shoes as she walked her ‘pet dog’, and I gave her a big, big hug when I left for work.


These are blessings that I really am so grateful for. Was such a great start to my day!