Not a World-Changer, but a Follower of Christ

Several years ago, before I knew of Christ, I had this strong conviction that there was just too much injustice in this world and that something needs to change.

And so I went around doing whatever I could to help – picking up litter at beaches with Bren (yes, on our dates!), visiting orphans, donating groceries to the one-room flat elderlys, chatting with youths that had dysfunctional family backgrounds, and raised funds for the animals that were mistreated.

I firmly believed in the mentality of “every small bit makes a big difference”, and so put my heart and soul into making things better for everyone that crossed my path.

It was a wonderful journey. Met many nice people and learnt tons of good lessons…but somehow…it wasn’t complete.

6 years ago, I finally knew Christ, accepted Him into my life…and boy, were things different.

It was a slow yet steady lesson as He revealed to me that it simply wasn’t my portion to change the world. Not in the slightest bit. I mean, who am I to do so?

I’m still convicted that all of us have to do our part, however the burden-lifting lesson I’ve now learnt is that my only portion is simply to:

1. Pray

2. Partner God in His work

It’s not about me. Not about the less-privileged people. Not even about making a difference in their lives. But simply, all about God and about obeying His will for me…every single day in my life.

And today, I’d such a wonderful surprise when my sis told me she was in the mall near my place, and so I got to enjoy another laughter-filled time with my dear niece! This time, we went grocery-shopping with her. 😉


Came back, made French Toast for dinner (yes, French Toast!) and enjoyed it with Earl Grey Milk Tea cake (yup, did it again!) with Bren.


It has been a relaxing and ministering day, and I will continue to sing of His praises every day of my life, for because of Christ, I have found the purpose of Him creating yours truly..

I am joyfully His! 🙂


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