Popping over for a smile

On my way to work one morning, realized that I was still pretty early – about 20 mins, and so I quickly decided to pop by to visit my niece!

She has always been chirpy in the mornings. My parents would share stories with me on how she would wake up, sing to herself and be full of giggles in the morning, so I was glad to have had that little pocket of time to enjoy her laughter!

I played shapes with her, she showed me her new (squeaky) shoes as she walked her ‘pet dog’, and I gave her a big, big hug when I left for work.


These are blessings that I really am so grateful for. Was such a great start to my day!


3 thoughts on “Popping over for a smile

  1. Robert-preneur says:

    Your niece is incredibly cute.
    What a wonderful way to be in the present with God’s love. You post is an excellent, concrete example and reminder of grabbing the moment to experience God’s grace. Thank you.

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