Lord, I Thank You…


For Your Word that reminds me what it is to love unconditionally.

To love no matter what.

To love the way that You love.

To never judge or assume, but simply to look up to You, pray and reflect over my issues…and to always be ready to answer with Your Word.

We had an impromptu birthday celebration for a child with special needs yesterday. Though it was just a few minutes of celebration, I was deeply moved by a mother’s love. A love so wonderful and accepting, a love displayed through multiple celebrations just for him, a love made so real through baking a delicious chocolate cake for all to enjoy with him. It can only be so because God is in their family.

I do not know how Bren and I will be like when we eventually become parents. I will not claim to know how things will turn out. But one thing I know and am very certain about, God is slowly preparing our hearts and lives to be people who will be able to love His gift of souls so unconditionally, that all glory will be His.

And so I thank You, Lord, for such a great reminder…and I praise You Lord, for all that You are.

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