What does God say?

Am on the train now, on the way to meet my sis and niece after a great Japanese lunch with Mum. And since the journey is going to take a while, thought of jotting my thoughts in here…

It’s been several years since I started my blogging journey. Went through a few host sites, and made many great new friends online. Met up with a few of them, and I’m pleased that we’re still in contact no matter how busy our schedules may be.

I sometimes read through my archives and it brings back a warm familiarity and of course, great memories of the past. I smile at how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve been blessed, and remember how I accepted Christ in the midst of it all.

Every end of year, I try to read through the whole year’s posts…and it’s like reliving everything all over again, except a lot more speedily, haha.

And as I reflect, I realized how important it has been to be conscious about what I think, and whether it is aligned with what God’s Word says. Good thoughts bring forth good actions, and whether we’re aware about it or not, our thought-life has such impact on everything else that we’re involved in. Thoughts that are from His perspective are even better, and I’ve realized how I need to discipline my thought-life to be aligned as much as possible to His Word.

Am so, so thankful for this platform to not just jot my personal thoughts and record precious blessings for memory’s sake, but also as an opportunity to reflect upon my own inner-life, and hopefully have a positive impact on whoever comes across my blog too.

May Jesus be exalted through this little corner of our online world. 🙂


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