Reflecting on 2012…

This year has been a year of several challenges and thanksgiving.

As I look back on the months past, I’m grateful and amazed at how good God has been. He truly never leaves me nor forsakes me!

In good times, and in bad moments, He is always speaking to me, always loving me, always being so, so gracious to me.

As 2012 comes to a close, may my life continue to bring Him glory in the year ahead, and more to come!


This year, I really want to thank God for:

* The 30-Day Gratitude Challenge that started my year with a thankful spirit.

* Blessed gatherings in February.

* Learning to take better care of our bodies.

* A wonderful 30th birthday celebration, spread over a few weeks!

* Kaelyn’s 1st birthday celebration!

* Grandma’s baptism. 🙂

* Simon’s salvation, and attending the ‘Heaven Is For Real’ event together!

* The birth of Chloe!

* The touching “Love Life!” video project, which made me even more determined to live life to His fullest, everyday.

* Celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary in Paris & Tuscany!

* Remembering the simple things

* A blessed Christmas.


This personal space of mine has been something I truly value, and more so than just being able to jot my thoughts down and sharing my joy, I’m also very thankful for the new friendships I’ve forged online…whether it is a comment made on a post, or an encouraging prayer sent my way, or simply quietly following my blog (this still surprises and humbles me every time it happens!), I know these things happen for a reason, and I can only pray and hope that you’ll experience His love and joy through my little wordpress blog. 🙂

Blessed New Year!


Under His Mighty Wings, I Rest.

What a Christmas it has been..

Just came back from the hospital. Grandma is undergoing surgery right now, and I’m praying that she’ll be miraculously healed, for I know Jesus can restore her and make her whole again.

Everything was going on well when she stayed over at my parents’ place. However, on Christmas day, when we were having dinner at my uncle’s place, she turned pale, felt very weak, and complained of persistent pain in the stomach & chest area later on, and it got us very concerned.

Long story short, we sent her to the hospital a few hours later, and got her tested. Once the CT scan results were out, agreement (and also recommendation) was to operate to take the whole gall bladder out. Really thank God for divine connections that gave us a good surgeon whom we knew, and who was confident in doing the surgery too.

Right now, as I reflect on His goodness this Christmas season, I’m amazed at His love and power, and am praying for Him to dwell richly in my family, for He is the great God who saves. 🙂









Hope you’d a great time during Christmas!

It’s the eve of Christmas!

Have not been blogging as often as I’d like mostly due to work and preparation for Christmas gatherings (read: intensive home cleaning), which I’ll update about a little later.

Now am taking a breather with Michael Buble’s Christmas songs, and a sea salt warm soak for my tired feet while I chill out on our couch. This is so nice..

Few days ago, made some gluten-free biscuits! Naturally, they were not as tasty as the Tim Tam chocolate biscuits I bought for Bren as his Christmas gift (yup, we’re very relaxed on gifts), but it was still good to know that we’ve healthy snacks on hand.


And last Friday, went over for dinner, and enjoyed the company of my dear niece, who is learning to talk a lot more. One of the sweetest moment that night was when she was drinking her milk, preparing to sleep, and my mum would pray over her, asking Jesus to watch over her and heal her body. She would then point to different parts of her body, one by one, asking for healing! First, her itch on both legs, then her throat since she was coughing. Super cute.

When my mum finished praying for her, she would name us, one by one, asking for my mum to pray for us too. Melts my heart each time I remember!

Oh, and we celebrated Barney’s birthday too.


Happy holidays! 🙂

Remembering His Birth



It is so easy to forget the very meaning of CHRISTmas. The fact that he is the gift to the world can often get lost in the midst of traditions, gifts and food.

As I was wrapping a few of my Christmas gifts this afternoon, I took delight in knowing that my loved ones and friends will be blessed by this little act. Imagining their smiles…makes me smile too.

Choosing to live each day in accordance to His will is a decision that I’ve learnt to make. Choosing to walk with Him, to desire to know Him more, to understand Him through His Word. Everything is amazingly beautiful, only because Jesus is the reason I live, and He is the gift that was given with me in mind. How can that not blow my mind?

May God bless your Christmas with more of His abundant love & grace!

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God, is still God.

This bible verse means a lot to me. It comforts me, it assures me, and it is Truth.


I have it stuck on our bedroom door as a constant reminder that He is God of our lives, no matter what kind of days I have.

As I ponder sadly on the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, my heart is broken for those who’ve lost their precious loved ones.. And as I pray about them, I am reminded on this verse, and on how God, is still God.

God bless them..

Saying ‘No.’

Growing up in an environment where I learnt to please others before acknowledging my needs/wants, (or after quietly sulking in my heart), it definitely has been a journey in recognizing what my priorities are, and how I can and should comfortably and confidently say ‘No.’ to certain things. Still a learning process, but thank God I’m getting wiser at it..

As the year draws nearer to an end, I ponder and reflect on how I’ve spent my time, on the issues I still struggle with, and on how I can honor God better next year, with the time and resources He has blessed me with.

And He has confirmed it for me…on saying ‘No.’ more often.

My commitment: during weekdays, no more than once per week, will I agree to engagements other than to family matters.

Bren and I haven’t been in the best of health these past months, and I attribute it largely to stress from work and general lack of rest.

As I pray for complete healing and restoration of our bodies, I pray too that this decision to cut off certain appointments will honor Him, and that we’ll be able to serve Him better with stronger bodies, healthier emotions, and more time spent dwelling in Him.

Blessed weekend! 🙂

Onion Cheese Bake

If you love cheese, this will satisfy, especially on a cold rainy day!

2 large yellow onions
1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 tbsp organic butter
1/4 cup roughly chopped walnuts
1/4 cup chopped garlic
Sprinkle of nutmeg
Salt, pepper to taste

1. Heat oven to 250 degrees C. Slice onions and arrange in ovenproof dish.

2. Sprinkle nutmeg, garlic, salt and pepper over onion slices. Spread butter over too.

3. Top with whipping cream and grated cheese.


4. Place in oven for baking, till cheesy and golden. Mine took about 10-15 mins. Lastly, sprinkle walnuts and enjoy!



Waiting for Bren to come back from work to try this cheesy goodness! 🙂