Bren was really sweet last weekend. He brought me to town, on the pretext of getting a $10 gift card, and so I happily went out, enjoying our little date.

After he collected the gift card, he smiled and told me it was actually a $1,000 gift card, and I could spend it any way I wanted! Was so surprised, and really touched.

Especially so cos’ this month has been tight for me after paying for a medical checkup and my insurance bills. Truly felt blessed, and knew that it was a huge blessing from Him above.

Well, I definitely had to have Bren shop too, so we got him nice shoes, headphones and a belt. As for me, he got me a pretty handbag, and also decided to splurge a bit on household cooking items since the things we currently have are very basic. Still have some leftover, which I plan to use when we prepare for the Christmas dinner gathering with in-laws which’ll be at our place this year!

What a wonderful way to spend our day.







On another note, spent an evening after work last week having dinner at my parents’ place, and poor mummy was not well. Praying for her full recovery! Played with little Kaelyn too, and it’s so sweet to hear her say ‘amen’ when we pray! Super cute.


Have a fantastic weekend! It’s December! πŸ™‚


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