Saying ‘No.’

Growing up in an environment where I learnt to please others before acknowledging my needs/wants, (or after quietly sulking in my heart), it definitely has been a journey in recognizing what my priorities are, and how I can and should comfortably and confidently say ‘No.’ to certain things. Still a learning process, but thank God I’m getting wiser at it..

As the year draws nearer to an end, I ponder and reflect on how I’ve spent my time, on the issues I still struggle with, and on how I can honor God better next year, with the time and resources He has blessed me with.

And He has confirmed it for me…on saying ‘No.’ more often.

My commitment: during weekdays, no more than once per week, will I agree to engagements other than to family matters.

Bren and I haven’t been in the best of health these past months, and I attribute it largely to stress from work and general lack of rest.

As I pray for complete healing and restoration of our bodies, I pray too that this decision to cut off certain appointments will honor Him, and that we’ll be able to serve Him better with stronger bodies, healthier emotions, and more time spent dwelling in Him.

Blessed weekend! 🙂


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