It’s the eve of Christmas!

Have not been blogging as often as I’d like mostly due to work and preparation for Christmas gatherings (read: intensive home cleaning), which I’ll update about a little later.

Now am taking a breather with Michael Buble’s Christmas songs, and a sea salt warm soak for my tired feet while I chill out on our couch. This is so nice..

Few days ago, made some gluten-free biscuits! Naturally, they were not as tasty as the Tim Tam chocolate biscuits I bought for Bren as his Christmas gift (yup, we’re very relaxed on gifts), but it was still good to know that we’ve healthy snacks on hand.


And last Friday, went over for dinner, and enjoyed the company of my dear niece, who is learning to talk a lot more. One of the sweetest moment that night was when she was drinking her milk, preparing to sleep, and my mum would pray over her, asking Jesus to watch over her and heal her body. She would then point to different parts of her body, one by one, asking for healing! First, her itch on both legs, then her throat since she was coughing. Super cute.

When my mum finished praying for her, she would name us, one by one, asking for my mum to pray for us too. Melts my heart each time I remember!

Oh, and we celebrated Barney’s birthday too.


Happy holidays! 🙂


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