Under His Mighty Wings, I Rest.

What a Christmas it has been..

Just came back from the hospital. Grandma is undergoing surgery right now, and I’m praying that she’ll be miraculously healed, for I know Jesus can restore her and make her whole again.

Everything was going on well when she stayed over at my parents’ place. However, on Christmas day, when we were having dinner at my uncle’s place, she turned pale, felt very weak, and complained of persistent pain in the stomach & chest area later on, and it got us very concerned.

Long story short, we sent her to the hospital a few hours later, and got her tested. Once the CT scan results were out, agreement (and also recommendation) was to operate to take the whole gall bladder out. Really thank God for divine connections that gave us a good surgeon whom we knew, and who was confident in doing the surgery too.

Right now, as I reflect on His goodness this Christmas season, I’m amazed at His love and power, and am praying for Him to dwell richly in my family, for He is the great God who saves. 🙂









Hope you’d a great time during Christmas!


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