Celebrating Daddy :)

My dearest Daddy is a really, really sweet and humble father. He listens, he gives, he LOVES – and he loves us in such a generous and unconditional way, it makes me so thankful that I’ve an incredibly positive role model. Before I got married, I remember him coming over to my room once in a while, sitting on my bed and just asking about how I am… When I was much younger, I also remember struggling with fractions in school, and him staying up into the wee hours just to make sure I learnt it well.

These days, I try to make time to meet my parents for lunch and go back for dinners, and though things will never be the same as when I was just a little girl, I know deep down that my parents are always going to be for me, supporting and helping me, praying for me..and for that, I give thanks.

We went out to Marina Bay Sands for lunch on Wednesday, Daddy’s actual birthday and it was such a blessed time, as always. I thank God for them. šŸ™‚








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