A Monday evening

Had a super-productive day at work today, especially in preparation for an audit that’s coming up next week. It sure feels good to know your effort will be paying off!

Bren had a similarly good day at work, and we ended up chatting about our work/career plans over a nourishing dinner @ Soup Spoon. Not before we got some shirts tailor-made for Bren tho’!



Took the train back, leaned on each other, and shared more stories.

He is now doing up a little more work, and the great thing about it is that he’ll sometimes look up from typing at his laptop, and ask me how to rephrase certain words or check with me on particular usage of phrases, and that simply makes me smile.. I think we make a great team. 🙂

Anyway, am going to quickly do up next month’s budget and then have an early night’s rest.

What a beautiful Monday it has been..


Family-filled weekend

Couldn’t have asked for more, really. I love it when we spend time with both our families, and we did just that this weekend. Celebrating dear Mummy’s birthday yesterday, as well as having a sumptuous dinner with my in-laws tonight.

Plus, my Daddy was so, so sweet today – he texted me in the afternoon: ”I want to tell you – I love you.” Melted my heart, haha. I have really adorable loved ones.

Thank God for such sweet blessings!




Let’s have a fantastic week ahead!

Beefball Brown Rice Congee

Today, am guest-posting at The Ranting Chef, which is such a privilege, considering how much I’ve learnt from his blog full of great recipes.

Do pop over for my recipe for a yummy Beefball Brown Rice Congee! Bren and I love it, especially on cold, cold days.

Also, just made a really filling Baked Chicken Pasta for lunch, and will be going over to sis’s new place (for the first time!) to celebrate Mummy’s birthday (with homemade brownies to pamper ourselves with too)!



Whatever your plans for the weekend, I hope you’ll have a good one!!

Counting my blessings

This entire day has been reminders from His Word on guarding my speech. It’s such a discipline, and many times, I do fail miserably..

But praise God for His great love and everlasting mercies, that I get a new chance at getting better at it every day!

And so I’m counting my blessings, and it starts with being thankful for my blessed weekend. Cosy dinner, and an enjoyable Chinese New Year concert that Bren’s uncle was performing in!



What are you thankful for today? 🙂

Spots of grace..

Shown to me when I prayed for Him to help me fix my whisk. I love to bake, and it’ll be such a pity if it was damaged so easily. And yes, He answered my little prayer. Just call out to Him, and He listens!

Life’s little things. Never too small for my big God. 🙂


Lovely orchids, reminding me of His beauty and His awesome power of creation. So, so precious. Even more precious when I enjoyed that moment receiving sweet texts from some donors.


Loved the fellowship last night over dinner with my colleagues. Good Peranakan food, insights revealed over our chit-chat…It was simple and very relaxing. Thank God for all of them!


Indeed, just as how I read my devotional that morning, on how I’ll always have ”just enough” each day to enjoy, I give thanks that I’ll never go hungry because of His daily bread of grace that sustains, given to me on His sweet, sweet table of mercy.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all. I’m going to chill out with Bren and enjoy a DIY honey mask…

In You, I live

Had a very simple day, essentially just basking in His wonderful love.

Felt a lot better after a good nap, and a filling lunch. Watched Wreck it Ralph with Bren, drank lots of warm water, and popped my vits.



If one day on earth can be so beautiful in its simplicity, how much more beautiful and amazing it’ll be in heaven! Wow. Thank You, Lord…

Bren came back with hearty bread & soup for our dinner after his visitations, and also surprised me with my favorite croissants from Tiong Bahru Bakery! That’ll be for our breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

An old cardigan had a tear so I did some sewing after dinner, and then continued reading and dwelling in His Word.

The more I read, the more it blows my mind how unfailing His love is.

To love without limits, to love the ones that seem especially hard to love, and to pray for those I serve to experience a radical turnaround in their lives…all by His grace, it will be so.