In You, I live

Had a very simple day, essentially just basking in His wonderful love.

Felt a lot better after a good nap, and a filling lunch. Watched Wreck it Ralph with Bren, drank lots of warm water, and popped my vits.



If one day on earth can be so beautiful in its simplicity, how much more beautiful and amazing it’ll be in heaven! Wow. Thank You, Lord…

Bren came back with hearty bread & soup for our dinner after his visitations, and also surprised me with my favorite croissants from Tiong Bahru Bakery! That’ll be for our breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

An old cardigan had a tear so I did some sewing after dinner, and then continued reading and dwelling in His Word.

The more I read, the more it blows my mind how unfailing His love is.

To love without limits, to love the ones that seem especially hard to love, and to pray for those I serve to experience a radical turnaround in their lives…all by His grace, it will be so.


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