Spots of grace..

Shown to me when I prayed for Him to help me fix my whisk. I love to bake, and it’ll be such a pity if it was damaged so easily. And yes, He answered my little prayer. Just call out to Him, and He listens!

Life’s little things. Never too small for my big God. 🙂


Lovely orchids, reminding me of His beauty and His awesome power of creation. So, so precious. Even more precious when I enjoyed that moment receiving sweet texts from some donors.


Loved the fellowship last night over dinner with my colleagues. Good Peranakan food, insights revealed over our chit-chat…It was simple and very relaxing. Thank God for all of them!


Indeed, just as how I read my devotional that morning, on how I’ll always have ”just enough” each day to enjoy, I give thanks that I’ll never go hungry because of His daily bread of grace that sustains, given to me on His sweet, sweet table of mercy.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all. I’m going to chill out with Bren and enjoy a DIY honey mask…


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