Taking inventory…

I like to stop and take stock of my life once in a while. It’s a habit that I’ve cultivated over the years, and I have really benefited from this simple practice of slowing down, taking a breather, and looking intently for the positive. I guess it serves me well in my line of work too, since many of the clients we serve have had very challenging pasts and struggle with several problems..and the only way to help them is to discover that one small positive thing that they can still hold onto to, and then make progress from there.

I’m so thankful for all that God has blessed me with..and I’m never going to be tired of saying thank you, Lord.

Thankful for my relationships, especially with my family and Bren.


Thankful for my relatives, friends and colleagues for being bright sparks in my days.


For my sisters and brothers in Christ, for their mentoring, fellowship, and love.

Thankful for the memories of my past, and that though there have been terrible memories that I sometimes wish could simply be erased away, I thank God that He is able to use my brokenness and problems to make something really beautiful out of them, for His glory. I thank God for the new memories that each day holds, for the smiles and laughter of my family especially when we play with my niece, for the sweet and silly memories Bren and I make when we goof around and just enjoy each other’s company, and for the simple things in life that make me pause in wonder about the Creator of them all.


I thank God for the gifts and abilities He has blessed me with, for the unique person He has created me to be. No one else is like me, and that’s only because of Him.

I thank God for our home too. That Bren and I are able to have a place to call our own, to host our loved ones and others in need, and that in Him, we truly have no lack.

And so, I thank You Lord, for these wonderful blessings, and for reminding me to always be grateful for them.


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