Those sweet & simple moments..

Have been caught up with several things lately, mainly work, ministry meetings & spending time with people I adore. It’s so easy to get lost in all the busy-ness though, and I admittedly do that sometimes… I let the things that come just take over the leading of the Spirit, but thank God that I catch myself doing that, and then consciously stop. I hide somewhere (sometimes in washrooms, haha) from all the ‘noise’ and pray…and allow God to speak to me through all of the things that are happening, to let me know He is here for me, and that though sometimes I get weary, He will see me through…His blessings are abundant.. I just have to slow down and recognize them. And so I do. From preparing meals for Bren and I…



… to treasuring the parting moments with Pammie before returning her to Bren’s cousin…


… to celebrating birthdays (so, so many this month!) and seeing Bren read to Kaelyn over our dinner visit…



… to having quiet moments at home, and sweet moments at work with the kids…


… and also to yummy dinners with Bren after work, which is a rarity these days since he is traveling again soon, and we usually have late work nights…


Thank you, Lord. For helping me stop and breathe. Blessed weekend! 🙂


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