It’s Good Friday! :)

Thank God for seeing me through a very tough day at work yesterday. I love my work, especially when I realized the extent of impact my words and actions have on others… I can only pray for God to use whatever resource I have and multiply it for His glory.

Enjoyed sharing God’s love over 2 dance sessions with the girls, had several opportunities to minister to my team regarding their personal issues, received news that one of our kitchen staff’s MIL just passed away, and later dealt with a persistent plumbing issue.

Went to the funeral wake, and later met up with cell group mates for prayer over (a very delicious) dinner. By the time I reached home, I was flat – out exhausted.

But a sense of peace and joy was undeniable! The sense that you’re where God wants you to be, and that only by His grace and strength has He seen you through the day… That brings me to tears sometimes, and I think such days are timely, for it reminds me of the precious gift I have in Christ..

Received these from 2 sweet kids:


May you have a wonderful weekend, overflowing with joy because of His love! God bless you.


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