God has done it all…

Looking at my organizer’s list of to-do.s for today, I’m pleasantly surprised at how I’ve managed to complete all that I had set out to do. My days are usually interrupted with a dozen other things to do, and then some. So while I’m thankful for those days too (when God shows me He has completely different plans in mind!), it’s still nice to look at all the ticks for the day.

All by His grace. His amazing, amazing grace.

Grace that saw me through a tricky situation with a defensive parent and her sick child. Grace that encourages me to persevere and not to give up in the face of opposition. Grace that gives me wonderful opportunities to reach out to others with His beautiful presence of love. Grace that grants me His wisdom to see things from His viewpoint, and not by my limited human vision. Grace that reminds me not to look back on the past but to move forward with faith & courage towards my future that’s totally in His hands!

Grace, simply because God has given me everything – everything I need, for life and godliness. God has done it all.

And that, sums up my lovely Monday. A day, fullofHisgrace.

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