So much hurt..

Today has truly been a day of God’s display of His love.

In the darkest & dirtiest of situations, light & purity shines brightest. It really breaks my heart to have encountered so many hurting people in one day, but I know it has to be for a reason…

A hurting parent (see a pattern for my week??) with no qualms on sarcasm and nasty complaints, hurting children who fought over who did what first, hurting one of my staff (!) in the process, and lastly, hurting strangers who sat next to me during my quiet dinner, sharing stories with abandon over their ex-boyfriends & ex-husbands, their number of abortions, and on how money is basically the most important thing to secure their future.


While the very last thing I will want to do is to judge these people, I’m simply appalled and very much saddened by these issues that seem to be so common…just like seeing someone throw trash in the rubbish bin, and feeling completely indifferent about it.

And if it breaks my heart so much, how much more so it will be for God, our loving Creator?

Here I am, praying and waiting for Bren and I to have godly children of our own… And here there are people who are excitedly sharing that they’ve gone for 3 abortions.


Makes me tear just thinking about it.. 😦

The light.

The little spark of light is so precious on days like this. The light shining brightly through a stranger’s super-chubby adorable baby smiling & cooing at me in the train on my way home. His large, round eyes were so, so beautiful.

The light shining ever so brightly also through sharing laughter with my team of wonderful colleagues, that though all of us have our weaknesses, through Christ we can love and conquer nasty parents together. After all, we are all but works in progress. And such challenging incidents and trials will only show God’s grace clearer, His light shining so much brighter, keeping us at His feet, yearning, praying, soaking, surrendering…and so I thank God for today.

For it has been yet another day of Christ’s redeeming and indescribable LOVE.


2 thoughts on “So much hurt..

  1. Ng Jason says:

    Dear, God is always with you. We do not suffer as much as our Lord, Jesus. It is time like this we have to work harder for our God. Have a blessed time. With love, Mum and Dad

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