Beauty in the Messy

3 years ago, Bren and I went on a journey of looking for a home that we could call our own. It was a very special journey, peppered with a ton of God’s love and miraculous signs.

Well, we found it, signed the papers, and started renovation plans. Both of us like to keep things simple, so it was not difficult coming to consensus with color schemes, drawer designs, etc. And before we knew it, in a few months later, it was complete! Such a joy when we first moved in.

It has been about 2 years since we first experienced this place we call home, and each time that I come back, it still warms my heart, having this place of respite. The home is not perfectly tidy all the time. In fact, it can get pretty messy when Bren and I get too caught up with late nights and long work days…

But – there’s also beauty in the mess. 🙂

Such sweetness when Bren does the laundry for me.

When the dishes in the sink get cleaned, there’s a very real sense of satisfaction.

The paperwork sometimes gets piled up high, the dusting is never-ending, but at the end of the day, it is the little, little things that matter. Those daily, mundane things that hardly get our attention. And seeing how we’re building our home day by day, through the mess…. those small but precious things make this home a beautiful one…because it doesn’t have to be perfect.

As long as His presence and love fills every corner of our home, it will be beautiful, through all of the cracked walls, dusty windows and old pictures…His light shines through.

Waiting for Bren to come home with our dinner. We’ll probably eat it over tv, have a normal chat, then call it a day. 🙂


Settle Not to Settle

Here’s some midweek inspiration from my friend’s TEDx Youth Talk!

Always something to think about when we reflect on the dreams we’d when we were young, and how we are/are not fulfilling them now…

There are moments in my work day where I would be completely alone in the office, and those are the times that I would consciously remember to take a moment to sit-look-and absorb the fact that wow, God has entrusted this team to me…He actually believes that I can manage this centre and impact the lives of all that come across my path. Wow is sometimes an understatement.

When I decided at 19 years of age that I would definitely want to be in the non-profit line once I graduate, helping the less-privileged, it didn’t once cross my mind that it would come to this. God has for sure surprised me with the extent of His favor and blessings, and I’m thankful for the wonderful and meaningful experiences I’ve had along the way. The joy, the pain, the tears, the miracles. It has indeed been a dream turned reality, which is now being moulded day after day. Who knows what will happen in the future?

I only know He holds my hand, and step by step, as He leads, I know He only has great things in store for me.

What is your dream? 🙂

So sweet :)

When I receive lovely cupcake gifts.



When I discover a quiet little spot with a sweet cake & tea set.


And even sweeter, to see a nicely wrapped pizza bread placed at my desk today, specially reserved for me…and so sweet, to see my team enjoying the little cupcakes I bought them.

A very sweet Monday.

I’m looking foward to a wonderful week ahead. 🙂

Days go by like a blur…


It has been this way these few days, what with packed days at work, visiting my Daddy, sending my Father-in-law off to Myanmar for his work trip, bonding with colleagues over dinner after work…and in the midst of it all, squeezing in time for breathers and precious time alone with Him.

Make each day count. That’s my mission.

And by His power, strength & grace, I pray that it be so. 🙂

God, my firm Foundation

It has been one of those tears rolling, quietly heart-wrenching & clinging onto Him no matter what type of week. Bren’s uncle’s sickness took a sudden turn for the worse, and seeing him at the hospital just breaks our heart into pieces.. And my Dad had a bad fall during their recent holiday trip in Switzerland, so was praying for him as he went for the operation too. In times like this, a whisper of His sweet, sweet love, His amazing assurance, & His comforting grace…means so much. It has truly been a week of testing and of discovering encouraging blessings that kept our spirits going.

Indeed, when you see life being snuffed out so easily…you don’t take things for granted anymore. Every breath, every moment, every word, every smile…shares a glimpse of the beauty of this thing we call Life.


Life is such a gift, and enjoying the company of our loved ones is a special way of unwrapping this awesome gift. To ask how have you been, to share good food with one another, to wish happy birthdays, to watch the next generation grow up…oh, how precious every scene is.






His grace and love have been pouring out to me through the simplest of incidents – a card at the bus-stop, Mother’s Day (!) gifts from the children, appreciation notes from ex-student turned volunteer, and the beauty of nature when I stop to rest. To pause and breathe in the midst of the storm, and simply remain in the eye of the storm – God, my firm & solid foundation, my source of strength & peace.

Thank you, Lord. 🙂



And I made yummy Banana Milkshake for Bren and I! Just process these in a food processor/blender till how you’d like it: 2 bananas + 10ml vanilla extract + 220ml whole milk + 1 tbsp honey. 

So easy, and delicious!


Let’s fly free this lovely weekend, casting all our burdens & heavy hearts to God who cares~!