Songs of a New Day

Because His mercies are new every morning…

Because His love is poured afresh to me every single day…

Because of who He is, every new day is a day filled with His miracles & indescribable joy!

Walking along my usual route this morning, my heart simply filled up with smiles seeing these little ones exercising happily. Couldn’t resist snapping a pic.


So much energy needed to just keep up with them, but looking at how the teachers play with the children, I reckon they’re enjoying it too~!

Came back home and felt like doing some baking. It was one of those homemaker moments…those happy moments where I envision warm aromas of something nice welcoming Bren home after a long day of work, haha.

So what a pleasant gift it was to chance upon this website full of delicious recipes: WarmToastyMuffins! Even better – there was a recipe for applesauce cookies! I’ve been meaning to use up the organic applesauce that I bought a while back, so discovering this recipe made my day. πŸ™‚

I didn’t have white chocolate chips nor any peanuts, so I switched it to 1/3 cup mix of sunflower seeds & chopped dried apricots instead, and I think it turned out well! Not very sweet, and rather healthy. Love how the texture is on the softer, fluffier side too.


Anyway, just had a refreshingly light dinner with Bren, and will spend the rest of this evening just chatting and watching some good tv. Oh, and yes, he liked the cookies! Yay.


Hope you’d a great day! I smell the weekend coming… πŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Songs of a New Day

  1. PJB mum says:

    Somehow when I read your second line, the song “Happy Day” popped into my head :). The cookies look good, will have to try the recipe one day when I have the time (and space).
    Have a Blessed weekend!

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