God’s grace

Two movie tickets to Man of Steel.

I didn’t know who the uncle was, I was simply told that he was looking for me.

Beaming, he handed me these 2 bright yellow tickets, saying that he just got them from his company today and didn’t want to have them go to waste. It was for the very night. It was so sweet of him, so I assured him that it’ll go to the right hands.

Well, we asked a few students. Called a few parents. But it wasn’t to be.

Feeling puzzled, I asked God to reveal who exactly these 2 tickets were for. What is Your agenda, God?

Went back to my desk, left it to His timing to unravel…and unravel He did.

When God works, it is not just beautiful, it is PERFECT.

Through a chat with a colleague from another department, we decided on this 13 y.o. boy, as well as his cell leader, so that his Mum would feel assured that there’ll be adult supervision. Mum said yes! A sweet miracle to us since she is usually extremely strict and reluctant.

I had already planned to travel to Vivo City that evening to purchase some toiletries, so since the movie was also at Vivo, I brought him there. Along the way, we’d such a good time chatting on the train-ride about his school, his friends, and God’s goodness.

This boy rejected my offer to buy him dinner, and insisted on paying on his own. He ate McDonalds happily, offering me his fries. My heart smiled, looking at how delighted he was. The cell leader, a friend of mine, rushed down after work. He thought of buying some popcorns to share, but they decided to enter the movie theatre first.

The next day, the boy excitedly shared that when they reached their seats…they found two sets of popcorn & drinks already waiting for them, right at their seats!

Wow, how good is our Lord!

Two yellow pieces of paper. 

Two children of His, deeply loved & blessed.

God’s grace has indeed been abundant in my life this year…and as I reflect on days past, there’s always something to give thanks for.





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