The Father’s Love

When God repeats something, again and again…it would be so silly not to pause and have it all sink in.

Really let it sink in.

Really silly, because that would be taking His grace for granted, and I hope not to do that…

We just came back from our church’s tribe retreat – a very lovely one at Pulai Springs, JB. Lush greenery, good friends, and God’s comforting presence. Such a privilege to take a trip there, especially thankful since the haze situation over here in Singapore has been awful.


God is good, and He has been so good – repeatedly, patiently affirming the message of Him being my Father – my dear Heavenly Father, my sweet Daddy-God…several times, even before the trip. It was as if He knew I needed it to be THAT clear. [And yes, I did, Lord.]

Few mornings ago, stumbled onto this song which has been playing in my home ever since – A Father’s Song. I can listen to this 64657869 more times, and still have my heart wrenched in brokenness and deep, deep gratitude.

The night before our trip, after we packed our bags, I dug out emails in a bid to clear them. And this touching video of God’s Love Letter was emailed to me by my dear Daddy – read His Love Letter to you too?

Imagine reading this same love letter from God during one of the workshops we attended last evening?? His message couldn’t be clearer.

God is not just God, but He is my FATHER. The very source of love, for God = love.

And in Him, I trust.




If one [glorious] day, you decide to invite this wonderful Heavenly Father into your life too, you can use THIS PRAYER as your platform to do so. God bless you with His perfect love. 🙂


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