To show her the World

Isn’t it amazing witnessing a child grow up?

I still remember the days of my dear niece being swaddled up in the hospital, all of us ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how tiny and adorable she was. I remember those giggles of love and joy shared amongst all of us whenever she smiled – and oh, did she smile often 🙂 – praise God for those smiles. Always heart-meltingly sweet…and I remember my sis’s & BIL’s joy and laughter that could only come from being proud parents of a really lovely child.

Now, being just over 2 years old, she’s more grown-up than ever before – having opinions and making comments of her own, and having the ability to fish out the fries on my lunch plate and putting it near my mouth insisting, “Yiyi, eat! Yiyi, eat!”

Oh Lord, so much love…

The love and desire to show her – to show her the world. Every valuable experience, every precious moment that our gifts of life offer. Everything good that comes from You. 

baby steps, i tell myself.

baby steps.

steps towards knowing God, towards knowing that the best gift in life is simply to know Jesus & His everlasting love for all of us. For our world. For the World He Created.

For. every. one. of. humanity.

To know that every single word she utters and every breath she takes is truly a gift of mercy, an expression of His love just unselfishly lavished upon us.


To know that we are just broken vessels that He can – and will – use for His glory…that His light shines through our brokenness, and that it is okay…it is okay to cry. For He will wipe every tear away and heal all of our wounds simply because He is our Healer, the Lover of our souls. Oh Kaelyn, how I pray that you’ll know that.

And so Lord, I surrender her unto You. Unto Your perfect plans for her bright future.

We’ll just obediently take little baby steps of faith in our journey of loving her.




May she see that this whole world was Your Creation…that she’ll see the beauty of this world through Your eyes…that compassion for the poor resonates SO deeply at the core of who You are, Your heartbeat.

That godly counsel is Your gift to us, and that friendships that point us back to His Word, His will are such blessings. How soon she’ll learn that people are more important, more valuable, more precious than things of this world.



In showing her His World, am praying that she’ll find her purpose in Him, knowing that she has been an incredibly special blessing,

and that she is so loved – more than she’ll ever realise.


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